Conference Format and Program

Presentation format

The Conference will include oral and poster scientific presentations as well as invited lectures given by experts in selected topics of interest. A limited number of technical exhibits and sponsor talks will be included to provide an overview of state-of-the-art instrumentation.


Oral presentations

The duration of oral presentations will be 15 minutes. It is highly advised for authors to create a slide-deck comprising 12-15 slides, allocated for a 12-minute presentation time, leaving 3 minutes for both inquiries and presenter transition.


Poster presentations

Poster presentations should be prepared in vertical (portrait) A0-size format. It is recommended to use non-laminated paper to facilitate posting on the stands. It is also highly advised for authors to use large font sizes: posters should be readable from a distance of 1.5-2 meters. 

Finally, here are some preparation guidelines for the poster sections:

Introduction: This section is meant to introduce the hypothesis and methods concisely. Aim for a succinct approach, keeping the length to around 150 words.

Main Body: Here you describe the instruments and methods of your study. Divide it into distinct segments, each addressing a different aspect of the experiment. Strive to keep each segment within about 100 words.

Results: A visual representation of results is preferable. Utilizing graphs is ideal. Any accompanying text should be brief, presented as bullet points if necessary.

Conclusion: Provide a recap of the experiment and its outcomes, discussing the inferences drawn. This summary should be accomplished within 150 words.


Invited presentations

The duration of invited presentations will be 30 minutes. It is highly advised for authors to create a slide-deck comprising 25-30 slides, allocated for a 25-minute presentation time, leaving 5 minutes for both inquiries and presenter transition.


Conference Program

  • Following our well-established tradition, the Conference will open on a Sunday with an "icebreaker" reception, which will take place at the Principino Conference Center.
  • Two full days of conference sessions will follow. The sessions will include morning and afternoon coffee-breaks as well as buffet-style lunches. 
  • On Wednesday, after the morning sessions, a conference outing is foreseen. Details will be posted on this website.
  • On Thursday evening, the Conference Banquet will be held and the venue of SSD21 will be announced.
  • The conference will close on Friday, after the morning sessions.

Conference Program Diagram

Conference tour

Weather and Port authority permitting, will charter a full ship and take congress participants on a private cruise from Viareggio to the renowned “Cinque Terre”.


Details will be provided as soon as authorizations are finalized!


Cinque Terre