Basic Physical Processes

  • Fundamental mechanisms on radiation measurements
  • Theories/modelling on TL, OSL, DPR, RL, RPL, TSEE, etc.



  • Development of new materials for radiation dosimetry
  • Characteristics on synthetic/ natural materials


Instrumentation/ Detectors

  • Luminescent detectors
  • Semiconductor detectors
  • Track detectors
  • Micro-/nano-dosimetry
  • Fricke and polymer gels/ radiochromic dyes
  • Superheated emulsions
  • Computational/Monte Carlo modelling of detectors
  • Novel detection techniques

Monitoring and Detection

  • Personnel monitoring
  • Environmental and radon monitoring
  • High dose and high dose-rate measurements
  • Space and aviation dosimetry
  • Radiation detection for safety, security and safeguards
  • Neutron and ion dosimetry
  • Standards and recommendations


Dosimetry for Medicine & Biology

  • Radiation therapy (photons, protons, carbons, Flash, etc.)
  • Diagnostic radiology.


Dose Reconstruction and Dating

  • Luminescence dating
  • ESR dating
  • Retrospective dosimetry
  • Accident dosimetry