Proposals to host SSD21

The International Solid State Dosimetry Organization (ISSDO) is currently accepting proposals for hosting the 21st International Solid State Dosimetry Conference (SSD20) in 2026.

Since 1995, ISSDO has been actively involved in promoting and organizing these triennial conferences to ensure their continuity. Interested individuals and/or organizations are invited to submit proposals, which will be evaluated based on various criteria, including the proposed conference location, participation economics, local sponsoring organization, and budget. It is preferred that the conference attracts a wide range of participants and is held in different parts of the world where significant advancements in solid state dosimetry have taken place. Additionally, the inclusion of training courses, such as a "Summer School," as part of the conference-related activities is encouraged.

To apply, a written proposal addressing the mentioned criteria should be submitted via email ( to the ISSDO Chairperson before August 31, 2023.


Furthermore, a representative from the proposed venue is expected to attend SSD20 and present the proposal to the attending members of ISSDO. The proposals will be evaluated by ISSDO members, and if a selection is possible, the venue for SSD21 will be announced before the conclusion of SSD20.